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Anyone Can Make Great Videos

So Why Has Making Money From Video
Become Almost Impossible?

You could blame Amazon. TikTok. Or even the media.

But video marketing has changed RADICALLY in just the last few months.

Even slick videos made from the fanciest softwares aren’t getting the results they used to.

Because people aren’t watching marketing videos for more than a few seconds …

And it’s costing you money.

It’s not your fault. But there IS something you can do about it.

THIS Is How You Make Money From Video

Interactive video technology is proven to skyrocket video marketing results

Across multiple industries brands that use it have been seeing results like these:


Increases -by as much as 7 minutes per video


Up to 14X higher purchase rates from interactive video viewers


Neary 4X HIGHER click rates on calls to action


An average 40 - 80% INCREASE in conversions

Based on these numbers …

And seeing his own video marketing results GO DOWN recently…

Brett developed his own interactive video platform.

With his brand new iVidz software Brett has already made over
$4,900 in commissions in just 10 days!

Turn Any Video Into A Powerful Automation Engine
That Skyrockets Clicks, Leads & Sales …

In Just 3 Steps



Login to the cloud-based app.

Generate interactive video campaigns for any goal: lead generation, affiliate promo, product sales, branding, customer support and more.

Even MIX & MATCH multiple goals within a single interactive campaign!



Use the drag & drop visual editor to effortlessly customize your campaign.

Provide unlimited “branches” with multiple options that explode engagement & conversions while giving viewers full control of their experience.

Upload videos directly into a campaign & include urls to ANY page or offer you want to promote




Publish your iVidz interactive video to any website, sales or squeeze page, blog, eCom store and more.

Direct link to social profiles, pages & groups.

The built-in, mobile optimized player and included hosting ensures your videos will perform perfectly on any device.

Why Video Marketing Is NOT As Profitable As They Say …
And It’s Getting Worse

Those feel-good quotes & stats from the video industry?


They’re based on the INCORRECT assumption that people watch your videos from start to finish.

They don’t.

Doesn’t matter if you use razzle dazzle, $1000 dollar-a-minute stock footage, celebrities or Hollywood sci-fi effects …

Most viewers are gone in about 60 seconds.

Can You Profit In Under A Minute?

While marketers may THINK they’re engaging their audience with video, usually it’s the opposite:

Most of the time they’re actually ANNOYING their viewers.

Regular video forces people to watch 3 … 5 … 10 minutes of stuff they’re NOT interested in …

Just to get the answer or info they actually want.


Your viewers stop watching before you can get to the pitch

Engagement, clicks & conversions tank

Even your best videos don’t generate you the profits they should

So What’s The Answer

Well it’s NOT to shorten your videos to a minute or less,
unless you’d rather grow your TikTok following than make money.

But there IS a real world solution for making your viewers happy ..
AND getting exponentially higher engagement & conversions ...

From videos you already have plus any you make in the future!

Hey this is Brett Rutecky along with my partner,
Mike from Maine

Mike and I both use video a lot in our online businesses.

Between us we’ve tried pretty much every “new” video software out there.

Because with video, you’re fighting a losing battle against DECREASING attention spans.

Maybe, like us, you’ve tried multiple things to get better results:

Square videos

but they’re not getting you more social media traffic


but they’re not helping your click rate

Doodles & Animations

cute but not improving your conversions

Laser effects, flashy intros, round videos,
360-degree videos, sticky videos, toons,
etc., etc., etc.

fun ‘gimmicks’ but are they REALLY making your videos more profitable?

Don’t get us wrong.

There are some video technologies that really can help.

But most of the time it’s a short term fix, not a cure.

So FORGET The Video
Start With Your VIEWER Instead

A couple years ago I developed a successful video hosting platform …

And had no idea at the time that it’d become an amazing resource for actual video viewer behaviour.

See this platform gets about 45,000 video views a month - more than enough data to find out what I needed to know:

When do most people STOP WATCHING a video?

After crunching the numbers from over 7,000 different videos …

The answer was a bit depressing:


Okay not quite “Gone in 60 seconds” but pretty damn close.

Over 7,000 professional marketing videos, and the average view time across the board was only 69 seconds.

That’s for ultra-slick Hollywood style productions, right through to super basic slideshows … video quality made very little difference.

Brutal if you’ve ever put in crazy effort to make a video before.

So it’s not about the video … it’s about the viewer.

How do we get the average person, with
an attention span shorter than a gerbil …

To see AND ACT on our video calls to action …
So we get paid?

Answer This 4 Word Question FAST And You Win

“What’s in it for me?”

That’s what your video viewers want to know.
If you make them wait too long, you lose them.

But if you let them decide what they see & when ...

Engagement & conversions skyrocket because you just PERSONALIZED the experience for each viewer.

The good news is, the technology to do this already exists.
The bad news? It’s not exactly user friendly.

Interactive Video

Great For Customers, A Nightmare For Marketers?

Interactive video is amazing … in theory.

Your viewers can choose what they want to see or do, from inside your video.

Instant gratification EQUALS happy viewers.
The marketing applications are practically unlimited.

So what’s the problem?

Existing interactive video platforms are either:


Custom programs can easily cost $1000s per year



With steep learning curves, complex templates, multiple layers and bloated features most marketers don’t need

Nobody Wants To Make Video More Complicated

Most busy marketers prefer simple, cost-effective solutions.

Yes, interactive video is the #1 solution for getting people to watch & engage with your videos.

But if it’s ridiculously expensive or a nightmare to set up, is it worth it?

Not for me, so I decided it was time to build something from the ground up.

An interactive video solution designed specifically for digital marketers, that would:

Be extremely fast & easy for even beginners to use

Offer unlimited versatility for ANY kind of video marketing campaign

Play your videos perfectly across all devices including mobile

Be available for a one-time price lower than anything else on the market

After Months Of Development It Was Ready

But as always I need to use it my own business before I offer it to other marketers.
So ...

So I put iVidz to the test, and used it for my own affiliate marketing campaigns …
Where video is a HUGE part of my promo strategy.

The results? Massive increases in traffic, viewing times, and commissions:

Finally, a fast & simple solution to ultra
high-converting interactive videos for anyone.


it gets your videos WATCHED

iVidz is a cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform that lets anyone ... regardless of skill or experience, maximize video engagement & conversions for any marketing goal, faster & easier than ever before possible


the easiest-to-use fully interactive video platform on the market


the easiest-to-use fully interactive video platform on the market


Design top-converting campaigns for any goal using videos you already have, or make in the future

iVidz Is The Easiest Way To
Maximize Your Video Results

No restrictions, complications or template limitations. Now anyone can instantly run interactive video campaigns that skyrocket conversions …

It’s point and click simple & everything you need is inside:

Cloud-Based Interactive Platform

Create, update & run interactive video campaigns from anywhere.

Get instant access to all your campaigns, video clips & related links straight from the dashboard.

On-the-fly updating is a huge time-saver for running multiple promos & offers.

Visual Drag & Drop
Campaign Creator

This takes all the guesswork out of making custom interactive videos!

Drop a video or url into a new box, then click your mouse to link steps together.

Effortlessly create engaging interactive experiences that let viewers CHOOSE how to proceed: watch another video, visit any website, subscribe or buy.

High Performance
Video Player

The built-in iVidz player ensures your videos load & play blazingly fast across devices ...

INCLUDING mobile because that’s where the majority of video content is viewed.

So you keep more viewers watching & engaging with your videos.

Premium Video
Hosting Included

Forget losing traffic & leads to 3rd party hosting platforms … included premium hosting gives you full control.

Share your interactive videos directly on your sites, pages & social profiles and keep your traffic where it belongs.

Get More Views. Next Level Engagement.
Explosive Conversions.

Secure one-time payment, 14 day money back guarantee

The Most Proven Technology For
INCREASING Video Conversions

Interactive video works better than ANYTHING where it matters most for marketers ...


Up to 380% HIGHER
click rate



40% - 80% HIGHER conversions

But there’s another benefit:

Happy viewers because people can find what interests them fast.

Which can translate into more repeat business & traffic from your videos.

iVidz Is Your Complete
Interactive Video Solution Loaded With
Features You’ll Actually Use

Customizable, Clickable In-Video Buttons

Grab attention when it counts.

Customize your “option buttons” that let viewers control their experience.

Change colors, texts and fonts to add variety, match your brand, and stand out.

Unmatched Versatility

Use iVidz interactive videos for any type of campaign:
Lead generation, affiliate promos, direct product sales …
Review videos, demos, customer support …
Branding, content marketing, social audience building and more!

The only limit is your imagination:

If you can do it with video, you can do it BETTER with iVidz!

Unlimited Interactive “Branches”

Create super simple or multi-step interactive experiences.

With iVidz there are no limits on how many interactions you include, and the drag & drop interface makes them a breeze to set up.

Customizable Interactive Options

Configure up to 3 user choices per interaction.

Maximize viewer engagement and results by giving viewers options to see more video content, visit any url you want, even make a purchase.

Create “Shoppable” Videos:
Send Viewers To Any Offer

With iVidz you can direct viewers to ANY url you want.
Just make it one of their choices and they’ll be directed there by clicking INSIDE your video.

Build your list, promote affiliate offers, get traffic to your blogs, increase your social following and more!

Compatible With Any Video Made
On Any Platform

Use iVidz with ANY video you’ve already made, or make in the future, on any platform.
Yes, this even includes Creative Commons & sales videos you have the rights to use!

Step By Step Training

This no-stones-unturned video training will make you an expert interactive video creator, even if you’re a complete beginner.

iVidz Makes Interactive Video
Simple For Everyone

You don’t need tech skills to use iVidz.

If you can make even basic videos, you’re already OVER-QUALIFIED to use this.

We’ve built this tool to make interactive video SIMPLE and have over delivered with the world’s easiest visual drag & drop builder, user-friendly interface and step-by-step video guides.

How Can You Use iVidz?

Anyone that uses video in their marketing will LOVE iVidz.



Maximize conversions with interactive sales videos


Drive higher clicks from your product reviews & promos


Sell more as an affiliate or from your own stores


Skyrocket sign-up rates on your lead pages


Launch interactive video funnels complete with upsells & bundled offers

Social Media

Explode your audience with engaged followers

Branding / Content

Huge brands use interactive video to build loyalty & exposure, now you can too!


Automate top-level support just by linking tutorials and how-to-videos into an interactive support campaign


Create interactive videos to sell services to your clients

The iVidz 14 Day Unconditional
100% Money Back Guarantee

Test drive iVidz risk-free for 14 days on our dime.

Use it to easily launch dynamic, interactive videos for any campaign goal.

See for yourself, just like dozens of our beta testers, how your view times, engagement and conversions go through the roof.

We’re confident you’re going to love iVidz.

But in the unlikely event you decide - for any reason - that it’s not for you, just let us know within 14 days and you’ll get a refund of every penny.

So click below now to claim your discount and risk-free access now!

Secure one-time payment, 14 day money back guarantee

The iVidz 14 Day Unconditional
100% Money Back Guarantee

How does iVidz work?

iVidz creates “interactive videos”, that allow viewers to customize their viewing experience by clicking inside the video.

It’s truly amazing technology that can skyrocket views, engagement and ultimately profits.

What makes iVidz different & better
than other interactive video softwares?

You can create as many as you like, however you’re limited to having 10 at the same time

If you want to have more campaigns, you’ll be given the option to upgrade for a very reasonable fee

How many video campaigns can I make?

You can create as many as you like, however you’re limited to having 10 at the same time

If you want to have more campaigns, you’ll be given the option to upgrade for a very reasonable fee

How beginner friendly is this?

iVidz is hands-down the easiest-to-use interactive video platform that exists.
You don’t need ANY tech skills or previous experience …

But you do need your own videos, or videos you have the rights to use.

Once you’ve got those, everything is literally drag and drop and full tutorials are included.

Do interactive videos work on YouTube?

No they don’t, regardless of what interactive platform you use.

We don’t expect this to change anytime soon either, as YouTube doesn’t want to make it easy for viewers to leave its platform.

That’s why iVidz includes a state-of-the-art video player and premium hosting, at no extra charge.

Where can I use my iVidz videos?

Anywhere you’d use video!
(Except for YouTube and other shared platforms like Vimeo)

Put them on your websites, sales pages, eCom stores and more. Even link them to your social profiles, pages and posts.

They’ll play perfectly thanks to the powerful iVidz video player and included hosting.